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Building Brain Health.

Curating, convening, and accelerating brain health innovation.

The PRODEO Institute seeks radical advances in brain health - driven by a closer integration of diverse disciplines and sectors. It empowers brain health leaders with the facts, insights, and frameworks necessary to make informed and effective management, policy and funding decisions.

The institute’s outputs are consistently held to a rigorous peer-review process -

this dedication to quality forms the foundation of our global reputation. 

The PRODEO Institute also leverages advanced insights from these core themes:


Brain Health Technology Entrepreneurship + Funding Strategies:

Incorporating platform technologies (e.g. telemedicine, apps) and frontier technologies (e.g. genomics, AI, robotics) with a lens toward aligned funding strategies in angel investment, venture capital, philanthropy, brain bonds, and social impact investing.

Responsible Innovation in Brain Health: 

This is a set of collaborative principles and practices in the development of technical solutions for complex problems. Stakeholders commit to identifying and meeting a set of ethical and social principles, by designing products and services to sustainably address needs and challenges in brain health.

Convergence Brain Health:

The blueprint for how innovation processes can cross-pollinate diverse disciplines, industries and cultures, carrying ideas and approaches across boundaries to solve the complex multi-system problems.

Brain Health Diplomacy:

A global approach to optimizing the promise and mitigating the perils of technological innovation on brain health.

Brain Capital:

Consists of the knowledge, creative skills and optimal brain health that people accumulate throughout their lives, enables them to realize their potential as productive members of society.

Brain Capital

Brain Health and Brain Skills for a Brain Economy

Brain Capital, consisting of the knowledge, creative skills and optimal brain health that people accumulate throughout their lives, enables them to realize their potential as productive members of society.  Brain Capital leverages insights from Human Capital, Social Capital, Psychological Capital, Human Cognitive Capital and Neuroscience-based Policy. 


We have established the Brain Capital Index™ to translate and integrate trends in brain health, brain skills, novel technologies, investments and the brain economy. 

Brain Health

Brain health encompasses cognitive and emotional strengths across the lifespan. Compromised brain health greatly increases

the risk of disorders across the lifespan (e.g. depression, anxiety, autism, brain injury, substance misuse, dementias and other neurocognitive disorders). 

Brain Skills 

Emotional, social and cultural intelligence combined with cognitive strength to

achieve resilience.  

Brain Economy

Increasingly demands cognitive skills where innovation is a tangible deliverable of employee productivity.  

PRODEO Brain.gif

As the knowledge integration arm of PRODEO, it uses natural language processing and machine learning to consolidate and analyze global data and information relevant to brain health.  


Because the information sources and results are constantly updated, the PRODEO Brain represents the most contemporary view available. We advance this knowledge through the merger of knowledge experts, a transdisciplinary approach and streetwise wisdom.


The PRODEO Brain


Mark Heinemeyer


Brain Capital Builder


Harris Eyre


Brain Capital Builder


Annamarie Saarinen


Economics & Policy

Founding Executives and Advisors


From the PRODEO Brain…

A collection of the latest thinking, publications and promising technologies

from our team of Brain Capital Builders™

More Detailes

Broaden + Reveal 

The Institute expands the prevailing view of our economy, revealing the hidden lever of Brain Capital to produce and deliver tangible frameworks and instruments for philanthropists, economists, executives, policymakers, innovators and investors

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